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New investment Hänel Rotomat in machining department

Paternoster system Hänel Rotomat
Paternoster system Hänel Rotomat

By investing in two modern "Hänel Rotomat 970" vertical storage system, we are able to make our processes  even more efficient in the finished parts warehouse of the machining department . In view of the height of the storage system, which has been adapted to our premises, the storage volume could be increased by at least 30%, while it requires less base area. Automation and modern web browser management provide us speed through lower access times, more ergonomic operation, and overall greater flexibility.

Investment in modern machinery

Hermle C22
Hermle C22

In the third and fourth quarters of 2016 Investments were also made in the machinery park. In the machining area, two CITIZEN long lathes of the types "Cincom L20" and "Cincom L32" were added, which make our production in the diameter range up to Ø32mm more flexible and versatile. By modular tooling, set-up times and costs can be reduced and individual customer requirements can be even better realized. The delivery and commissioning of the machines went smoothly and uncomplicated, for which we would like to thank our partners.

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Investment in modern cleaning plant

 DÜRR Compact 80P
DÜRR Compact 80P

From now on the DÜRR Compact 80P complements our production area "Machining". It cleans on the basis of modified alcohols and combines diverse program types for highest quality and functionality with a high degree of flexibility, safety and an environmentally friendly process through almost emission-free operation. 150.000€ were invested in this cleaning plant.

Over the past 15 years, KVR has invested about EUR 20 million in the modernization and expansion of buildings and production technology.

New machines started up operation

For enlargement of our production capacities in the machining department we made further investments

and upgraded our machinery as follows:


  • Miyano ABX-64 (2 pieces)
  • Citizen L-12 (4 pieces)

An current overview you can find in our Download section